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Fastlock Locking System

1. Fastlock 'Standard'(Individual key lock)

2. Fastlock 'Central' (Canopy and Cab lock together in wired system lock)

3. Fastlock 'Alert' (Canopy & Cab wired system lock, including LCD monitor of lock status at the driver's seat)

Fastlock 'Alert' can monitor to driver the status of each lock to an LCD screen in cab of vehicle, whether the lock is latched or locked and can monitor up to 42 locks The LCD screen scrolls through and notifies operator which lock is unlocked or unlatched, complete with warning buzzer.

  • Fastlock can be adapted to 12V and 24V systems
  • In the event of an electrical malfunction, locks can be locked and unlocked by key
  • Has independent button on dash to lock or unlock doors and/or toolboxes (option)
  • Fastlock can also be purchased as a standard lock (without remote function)

Specifications & Options

  • Standard lock
  • Remote lock
  • Remote lock with all the safety monitoring back to cab
  • Embraces all safety features
  • Lock and unlock independant of remote by switch on dashboard

Suited to the following vehicle types: Any vehicle from 1 tonne to large trucks

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