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The Ute Shop is a proud manufacturer of Aluminium Trays Direct (ATD) WOW style trays. ATD is a family owned Queensland business that has been manufacturing quality trays for one tonne utes since 2002 from aluminium extruded predominantly in Australia. WOW style trays are not mass produced, they are hand built, which ensures quality, consistency and the ability to customise. Our tray system has been manufactured for over 20 years, with only one major change in 1994, and as incredible as it may be, there are still a number of the old mark 1 series trays still in use, which is testament to the quality of our product.
The A.T.D. WOW style tray has many features, which even today are not matched by other tray builders:
  • HAND BUILT - Each tray we manufacture is hand built to within the mm. Because our trays are hand-made we can offer a choice of sizes unequalled in the industry and our pricing is competitive as well.
  • HINGE BEARINGS - moulded from nylon, big diameter (22mm) matches the rope rails, giving longer life. Look at the rope rail profile, as strong as steel, but no rust.
  • TAIL LIGHT PROTECTORS come standard.
  • WEIGHT - because our trays are made from aluminium they weigh considerably less than all other trays that have steel main rails, hinges, catch plates and rope rails. Inherent in a lighter tray is far less load on a vehicles drive train, brakes, tyres and steering combined with a greater load capacity and better fuel economy.
  • RUST - being aluminium, there is no zinc plating to wear off with steel on steel contact, so the tray looks great for it's lifetime. We have all seen those trays with steel hinges catches and rope rails that are tarnished and corroding after a short time. Great for those who enjoy the beach.
  • STRENGTH - Our drop-side panels have a box section in their shape so they are super strong. When a load is tied on, the sides stay straight, no ugly distortion
  • SIGNAGE - Because of our unique aluminium hinge system there are no hinge straps on the outer skin making them great for signage.
  • SIZES - Our trays can be made to your size requirements (provided they are legal).
  • HEADBOARDS - Square, one piece shaped or tubed.
  • DROPSIDES - 225mm or 300mm (with other sizes under development)
  • FLAT TRAYS - Tray bases with no headboard or drop-sides for those customers that are looking for a floor mounted canopy or an aluminium tray sized box.
  • CAGES - for use in the courier/delivery service industries and the utility hire sector. These come in a range of sizes and can either be supplied fixed to the tray or in a removable format.
  • TRAY EXTRAS - See our other sections for additional ute accessories which include under tray roller drawers, tool boxes, and ladder racks.
As part of our commitment to our industry we also do repairs to damaged trays. We are able to repair most of the Australian manufactured trays with only a couple of exceptions. Furthermore, we are able to do split drop-sides on most of the "genuine" trays for those customers who want to have floor access when fitting a fibreglass canopy to the top of the drop-sides. This process needs to be completed prior to the canopy being fitted.
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