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Aurora Sun Runner Canopy Description

Australian Work and Leisure Canopy has recently introduced two larger sized fibreglass canopies 8 foot and 9 foot versions designed to suit Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, GMC, WV. These canopies are trademarked as: Aurora Sun Runner canopy.

All New Features

The Aurora Sun Runner canopy now features all new bonded recess safety glass windows that sit flush with the exterior and allow for a greater glass area at a more cost effective price. The canopy also comes with the world"s first "FASTLOCK" Central Locking System which when turning on the ignition, will relay to driver in the cab the status of each lock in the canopy, whether latched or locked. This is a safety addition for the lock to assist in minimising the risk of doors being left open and/or tools falling out of the canopy onto the road.

Easy Accessible

The options are endless with three large fully accessible doors. The Aurora Sun Runner canopy allows you to access your tools or equipment quickly and with ease. The canopy"s rear door does not interfere with long items on the roof rack. With Australian Work and Leisure custom made aluminium storage systems and slide away work bench-top options, you can turn your canopy into a mobile work centre complete for the “tradesman on the move“.

Suited to the following vehicle types:

  • F250
  • Chevrolet
  • Dodge
  • Both doors can be opened simultaneously (provided ladder rack area is free)
  • GMC
  • VW Double Cabs
  • Ford Transit (some models)
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