4 Benefits Of Nudge Bars You Should Know

4 Benefits Of Nudge Bars You Should Know

4 Benefits Of Nudge Bars You Should Know

Nudge bar, also known as bullbar or push bar, is a UTE accessory which consists of light aluminum or polycarbonate substance and is attached at the anterior of the UTE for the protection of the front part of the ute.

As the name suggests, Nudge Bar is attached to a vehicle to prevent accidental damage caused due to prod/hitting other vehicles, animals, inanimate things, etc.

Driving safe can help you to avoid collision with anything but this does not guarantee a lifetime of accident-free driving because sometimes collision is inevitable and it is wise to stay prepared for such circumstances.

Which is why you should know the benefits of possessing a nudge bar as it might even save your life one day.

Here are 4 benefits of nudge bars you should know:

1. Integration with Safety System

We have talked about safety in the above paragraphs but let’s get a little deep into it.

The modern bullbars attached to the 4WD ute are integrated with the safety system of the vehicle. For instance, if the vehicle collides with anything then due to the impact on bullbar, airbags activate this, in turn, diminishes the chances of any fatal injury.


Adding a bullbar, or nudge bar besides adding safety to a UTE, it also enhances the appearance of it. Why make it appear like a truck when the looks can be remarkably compelling.

Attaching a Hilux Bullbar at the anterior gives a bold look on the SUV/UTE which is a pretty good point of having a safety feature which also intensifies the looks.

3. Animal Hazard

There are situations where animals come in front of the vehicle out of the blue and this is a pretty common scenario in Australia.

Dogs make up 12% and Kangaroos make up 60% of the total collision between animals and vehicles in Australia, which is why nudge bars are also called Roo bars there.

Hilux bullbars are sturdy and strong because of this there is no damage caused to the UTE because of animal hazard.

4. Mounting Accessories

A nudge bar can further offer a platform to mount accessories on it. Some of those common accessories which are mounted are a winch, driving lights, CB/UHF antenna, etc.

Winch mounting, in particular, is very useful if you’re an enthusiast of off-road driving in the desert, that is, sand driving; as it can help save the day by providing the ability to pull out your UTE/SUV if it gets stuck in the sand.

Summing up, nudge bar is a crucial UTE accessory which can save the day and can even enhance the appearance of your UTE. There are different styles, materials, and brands of bullbars available in the market. You can check these out and also the famous, more reliable brands available in Sunshine Coast at The UTE Shop’s website.

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