Electric Brakes

Electric Brakes – Australia road rules state any trailer that exceeds 750kg must have brakes fitted. Trailers with an electric brake fitted will required a brake unit fitted to the vehicle in order to activate the trailers bakes.

Theuteshop has a large range of brake controllers from trusted brands.

We recommend the Redarc Tow-Pro™ Elite electric brake controller which is designed to suit most common trailer braking applications whilst requiring minimal dash space and is simple to install.

We can also supply other major brands if brake controllers incl Hayman Reese and Tekonsha. We can advise which one will best suit your use Anderson Plugs and Isolators – Today’s caravans and camper vans require more power than ever before.

At theuteshop we can workout what you will require and advise the best options for your particular situation in regards to the correct Anderson plugs and isolators to suit your particular vehicle as they all vary with modern day vehicles. We only use the highest quality product from trusted brands like Redarc and Narva.