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Rear Rack

Ladder rack mounts are manufactured from high strength cast alloy.
Provides an un-obstructed deck when the ladder rack is removed with no holes in the floor, unlike traditional ladder rack designs.
Two step engage/disengage system for quick install and removal.
Note: Rear racks are offered as an accessory only.
Watch QuickLock Ladder rack removal and installation video

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Headboard Options

Available in;

  • 2½” round tube
  • Standard Angled design
  • Standard Square design
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Internal Load Restraint Points

Internal load restraint points allow loads that are lower than the dropsides to be restrained effectively.
Ropes or straps no longer need to pass over dropsides while restraining loads. This allows maximum down force to be applied to the load.
Rated at 400kgs.

Deck Options

Tray decks are available in:

  • General Purpose – The General Purpose Deck is suited for “General use” applications where high impact are unlikely to occur.
  • Heavy Duty – The Heavy Duty Deck features an additional support rib to provide added strength. This deck is suited to applications where high impact may occur.


  • 1762mm
  • 1842mm
  • 1995mm


  • 1650mm
  • 1800mm
  • 1950mm
  • 2100mm
  • 2250mm
  • 2400mm
  • 2550mm
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Rubber Tray Mat

Available in Black;

  • 2523mm x 1810mm x 4mm
  • 2400mm x 1920mm x 4mm

Mat is required to be trimmed to size for short tray bodies.
Note: Tray Mats are offered as an accessory only.

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Water Tank

Contact our sales team for compatibility.

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Dropside and Tailgate Catches

Manufactured from an automotive grade glass reinforced nylon which meets exterior weathering requirements.
Designed with smooth transitioning radii and no external sharp edges for increased safety.
Improved operation due to low co-efficient of friction between operating surfaces, latch operation takes less effort as compared to traditional designs.
Dropside & tailgate catch is over moulded with a steel insert for increased strength & durability

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Tail Light Protector and Wiring Guard

The tail light protector and wiring guard provides protection to the vehicle’s tail lights and wiring.

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DIMENSIONS – 400 x 270 x 215
Contact our sales team for compatibility.

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PP Mudguard

Manufactured from an automotive grade rubber modified polypropylene. This material has excellent memory characteristic’s so when it is deformed it will return to its moulded shape.

High impact strength at sub zero temperatures while maintaining excellent rigidity at ambient temperatures. Stabilized to meet automotive exterior weathering requirements.

Designed with smooth transitioning radii and no external sharp edges for increased safety.
No corrosion from stone pecking.

Watch Benchmark Test Video

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QuickLock Hinge

Manufactured from a High Strength automotive grade polymer which has excellent impact strength characteristics.

Designed with smooth transitioning radii and no sharp external edges for increased safety.

Includes a stainless steel pivot pin.

Traditional dropside hinge designs require an additional pin or E clip to prevent the dropside from detaching from the hinge pins. Over time these pins or clips can be lost or discarded by the owner. The Quick Lock hinge has this safety feature integrated into the design eliminating the need for additional parts that can get lost over time. This feature ensures the product is always safe.

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Quick Hitch Rope Rails

The “Quick Hitch” Rope Rail allows for load to be secured faster as the rope only has to pass through the center of the rail once.

Rated at 400kgs.

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Front Step Options Close

Practical and ergonomically allows better access onto the tray body.
Available in:
Tube Headboard

  • 63mm Angled Stirrup
  • 63mm Square Stirrup

Angled & Square Headboard

  • Corner Step
  • 25×25 RHS ‘J’ Step
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    63mm Angle Stirrup
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    25 x 25 RHS ‘J’ Step
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    Corner step
  • alloy-product
    63mm square stirrup