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Aeroklas is the first company in the world to offer an ABS Double Shell Canopy. Twice the strength for twice the protection.

Aeroklas are on the cutting edge of canopy manufacturing and development being the first company in the world to offer Engineered ABS Double Shell Canopies. Both the inner and outer shells are moulded together to bring you twice the strength and durability then a single skinned canopy, featuring a higher impact resistance and ability to reshape after impact. Available in dual and space cab, the Aeroklas canopy is painted using OE quality paint giving it such a perfect, glossy and flawless finish.

Aeroklas canopies feature a twin skin design. Each shell is thermoformed from a single piece of ABS with no joins or weak areas. Aeroklas’s ABS twin skinned canopy is twice the strength of any canopy on the market. Aeroklas canopies have gone through pendulum testing up to 200kgs, with an impressive result of a intact shell with no cracks.

The smooth finished outer shell is Robotically painted to OEM standards and pass OEM testing requirements for paint finishes. All painted canopies are matched to OEM master plaques. The paint features UV protection to ensure that the finish remains pristine for years to come, making Aeroklas canopies completely durable towards all environmental conditions.

Interior offers an attractive textured finish, with no external wiring or bracketry for an easy odour free finish. All Aeroklas canopy shells are made from 100% recyclable ABS.

Window Configurations

Aeroklas canopies obtain a single handle slam shut design at the rear. The handle is keyed alike to the side windows, which are all supported by gas struts to support the windows remaining open. The rear door includes tinted safety glass which is approximately 5mm thick, offering excellent rear vision for the driver along with visual security from the outside of the vehicle.

The Nissan NP300 Navara canopy features; Dual Lift Windows for the best accessibility to the inside tub. Each lift up window contains two handles on either end and is lockable by the set of keys that come with the canopy on purchase.

The Nissan NP300 Navara canopy contains a Drop Down Front Window which supports great ventilation for pets a long with cleaning the inside of the canopy.


All Aeroklas’s line of Canopies fully support a 80KG Track Mount Roof Rack System manufactured by Rhino Rack with a load rating of approx. 80KG (Model dependant).

Aeroklas’s range of track mount roof bars are compatible with Trade Racks, Awnings and other on roof accessories manufactured by Rhino Rack.

Note: No Demister / Equipped with high mount brake light on canopy & rear door central locking.


Aeroklas canopies contain rubber sealing underneath to sit flush on the tub of all supported vehicles. The rubber sealing, of course, prevents any potential water ingress entering the tub.

In order for the canopy to remain firm & secure, there are three internal c-clamps on both sides of the canopy that tighten the canopy to the inner railing of the tub. These clamps are adjustable and can be quite easily removed if needed.


All Aeroklas canopies come with a three-year warranty on the shell along with one year’s worth of warranty on all canopy components excluding glass.

Make Model Year
Nissan NP300 Navara 2014 - 2018