5 Things to Know About Towbars of UTE

5 Things to Know About Towbars of UTE

5 Things to Know About Towbars Of UTE

Towbar is a UTE accessory attached at the rear side of the chassis of a vehicle and it assists in towing of a trailer/vehicle. It comes in handy when you need to connect a trailer with your 4WD/Ute or when your vehicle needs a tow to the workshop.

They have bolts build, which helps to swivel and articulate the trailer. The method or way of attaching a towbar is different depending upon the type of towbar used.

Before you start to shop for towbars there are certain things you should know about. Given below are 5 things which you should know about UTE accessory – towbar.

  1. Multiple Types

    Towbars come in multiple types and each one has different capacity and build type.

    For example, some towbars can tow a weight of up to 1.6 tonnes that is a small to medium car/trailer while some towbars can tow medium to large car/trailer weighing up to 7.7 tonnes.

    Towbars are divided into various classes, Class 1, Class 2, and so on until Class 5, depending upon the weight of the trailer required to tow.


  3. Vehicle Specific

    Towbar is not just about the mechanical part but it also consists of an electrical part which is called towbar electrics or kit.

    Towbar electrics are vehicle specific which means if one towbar electric is adequate for a particular Ute then it might not work with another ute.

    This method – dedicated wiring – is becoming popular. Each kit is designed for a particular vehicle, because of this the kit interface with the vehicle as it was intended by the manufacturer.


  5. CAN-Bus

    CAN-Bus might ring bells in your head while shopping for towbars because it is an issue which can put your life at risk.

    As traditional bypass kits interfere with the functioning of various sensors of a vehicle like stability control, engine transmission management, steering, etc.

    That is why selecting the correct trailer harness is crucial for your safety. Nowadays modern trailer harness caters the solution to this problem.


  7. Validity of Warranty

    Towbars can get damaged because of the wear & tear which befalls during towing of the trailer/ute and also due to the mismanaged use of it.

    That is why you should also look at the duration of the warranty. The reason being that you might not be looking to pay the cost of damage just because it went out of warranty.


  9. Detachable or Fixed Towbar

    The detachable towbar is a ute accessory which can be attached and detached as per the needs of the user. It gives the ability to dismount the towbar without affecting the design of the ute.

    Some people might consider fixed towbar as a stronger and a more reliable form but this is not true as detachable towbars are at par with fixed towbars. Also, these come with light indicators which tells you if the towbar is properly fixed.

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