Ute Liners Are The Essential Tool For Every Ute

Ute Liners Are The Essential Tool For Every Ute

Ute Liners Are The Essential Tool For Every Ute

If you want to protect the painted surface of your tray on your ute, then you need to consider installing a ute liner. There is a wide range of ute liners so that you can choose the type that will meet your needs and the design of your specific vehicle.

Ute Liners can Protect the Tub

It is needless to mention that the ute tray is the area, which gets frequent scrapes and dents. This can make the paint become dull. The faded paint of aluminum ute plate will result in erosion and rust, which can diminish the value of your ute. Ute liners help to protect the painted surface of the ute tub. The ute liners are resistant to moisture and will prevent water to be in contact with the tray.

People often choose a plastic tub liner to save some money, but it won’t be effective for all utes or purposes. A cheap plastic ute liner can often cause more issues and end up costing you money. Consumers are moving to brands such as SportsGuard in order to provide protection, functionality and aesthetic appeal.

SportsGuard are the premium bedliner manufacturers using the the highest quality materials with UV and chemical resistance additives, coupled with rigorous testing . All SportGuard bedliners are made from a fully recyclable high-density polyethylene (HDPE) material.

All SportsGuard bedliners are moulded specifically for each vehicle model to ensure a perfect fit, maximising bed space and enhancing vehicle appearance. Depending on your liner application, they offer an over-rail or under-rail bedliner option for most models.

SportGuard is the evolutionary step forward in ute liners. Using a unique five-piece design, the SportGuard overcomes many limitations of cheaper ute liners. Sportsguard’s unique design means you no longer need to drive with the worry of sliding cargo in the back of your ute. SportGuard has a non-skid thermoplastic elastomer floor, so your cargo stays where you leave it. The five-piece design allows for a closer fit to the truck bed, maximising space for your gear. It also means SportGuard can be individually packed into a single box and shipped door to your door. Tied in with a clean aesthetic and high-quality finish, SportGuard really is the whole package.

PRO-FORM SportGuard is available for many different dual cab and extra cab models including Ford Ranger, Ford F150, Toyota Hilux, Nissan Navara, Renault Alaskan, Holden/Chevrolet Colorado, Isuzu D-Max, Mazda BT-50, Volkswagen Amarok and the Fiat Fullback.

These points would have conveyed the importance of ute liners for every ute. However, the choice of ute liners varies depending on the make and model of the vehicle. Make sure to choose the best liner for your ute by calling TheUteShop for advice.

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