Why Choose EFS Suspension and Accessories For Your 4Wd?

Why Choose EFS Suspension and Accessories For Your 4Wd?

Why Choose EFS Suspension And Accessories For Your 4Wd

As most Queensland residents know Australia can sometimes experience some pretty harsh road conditions, which is why many people who live Queensland have elected to own a 4 wheel drive vehicle. While 4wd may be convenient especially when traveling near the mountains and through parts of the outback many people go one step further and choose EFS suspension for their 4wd vehicles.

What is EFS?

EFS quite simply stands for enhanced four wheel drive suspension and consists of complete integrated suspension package that includes springs, shocks, and other components designed specifically to combat various harsh road conditions and provide for better handling of the vehicle on all different types of roads. This results in safer and more comfortable travel even in rugged areas.
The really unique thing about EFS is that unlike other types of suspension systems that are designed and then tested on smoother roads, EFS is actually tested on some of Australia’s most rugged roads to ensure that this suspension system is up to the task for which it has been designed.
There are several different EFS suspension kits you can choose from depending on your needs. Whether you need a tough suspension for towing, off-roading or hauling heavy loads there is a suspension kit to meet your lifestyle and needs.

EFS Accessories

Made tough like EFS suspension packages, EFS accessories are also designed to be tough. Whether you are choosing a roll bar, a shock or whatever accessories for your 4wd you will want one that will hold up under various road conditions and allow you to feel as though you can master any road or type of terrain.
While there are other suspension systems out there, most of these systems are not dedicated to driving in such terrains such as beaches or has roads with trees roots and rocks rather than pavement. This means that attempting to drive on such terrains with a standard suspension system will often result in damage to your suspension especially the wearing out of your shocks.
EFS accessories are made tough in order to provide you with years of use and specifically designed to handle some of the tougher terrains on the planet so you can depend on your suspension and accessories to get through all different types of roads.
While EFS accessories are made to hold up on rough road conditions, they also makes for an incredibly smooth ride on paved and well maintained roads throughout the cities making this type of suspension perfect for your 4wd no matter where you are driving.
If you are still wondering why you should choose EFS suspension for your 4wd then ask yourself how much convenience, safety, and durability means to you in your work and your life and you will know why EFS products are worth choosing.

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